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31 December 2005



Funny -- my brother-in-law's brother (brother-in-law once removed?) works at Evolution. He always gets them the coolest presents -- fossils and bugs and stuff. This year's Christmas present was a whole preserved softshell turtle almost as long as your arm, which my sister named Jemima. Awesome!

Sounds like you had a good time in New York! We missed you at the party, but it was understandable that you weren't there. Happy New Year!


It was great getting to meet you last week. I did go back to Purl yesterday and I bought that green Koigu after all. My self-control is negligible. Glad you had a good time - its hard to beat yarn, bookstores and knitting with coffee, isn't it?


Sounds lovely, if tiring. Glad you had a good time.


hey babe.. we did miss you at the party.. but then there was drunkeness.. and we were sloppy.. and well aren't you glad you missed that? (psst! I was sober if you want lurid details)

The jaywalkers are looking lovely and I think that you did a fine turn about NYC and still got back at a (relatively) decent hour. Hope to see you soon.


Sorry I missed you - but it sounds like you had a great day! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Happy New Year!

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